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What is Software Architecture Insights?

Software Architecture Insights is a regular newsletter providing insights into architecting your modern applications at scale. Modern digital businesses continually struggle with building new and innovative applications that also maintain high availability at cloud-scale.

Software Architecture Insights gives you, well, insights into how tech leaders and software architects function effectively. Learn how to build, operate, and maintain applications at scale, innovate new features and capabilities, and keep teams fully engaged. All while effectively managing IT complexity and technical debt.

Insightful Knowledge and Experience

All of the articles presented in Software Architecture Insights come from thought leader Lee Atchison. Lee has over 36 years of industry experience, including seven years working at Amazon and AWS building the framework that modern digital applications use today.

Lee has been widely quoted in multiple technology publications, including InfoWorld, Diginomica, Cloud Native Now, DevOps Journal, CIO Review, Software Engineering Daily, and Techstrong Live. Lee has written several books, and he’s been a featured speaker at events across the globe. Lee’s helped companies from Amazon to New Relic, Disney to Major League Baseball, Uptycs to Ory.

And he can help you, too.

How do I start?

Quite simple. Just click the subscribe button below, and you'll start receiving content from Lee regularly. We respect your privacy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.